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AdvantageSep 5, 2023 5:16:21 PM1 min read

Advantage Communications Group Charts European Expansion

Advantage Communications Group, a technology sourcing adviser for business customers globally, has unveiled its European expansion plans.

The company is expanding its direct sales and partner channels in the European region. Enterprises and partners across Europe will benefit from Advantage’s proprietary technology and business model for global communications offerings.

Business development consultants Hugo Holmes and Brett Ryer will head this expansion. Holmes is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and Ryer is in Barcelona, Spain.

David Gardner is Advantage‘s president and CEO. He said Advantage has been designing and selling global network solutions, but this “adds an invaluable local level of expertise in Europe.”

“Hugo and Brett have worked closely with customers and carriers abroad for years, and have a first-hand understanding of the provider landscape and the intricacies of doing business in Europe,” he said. “This will enable us to provide a variety of diverse, high performing connectivity options to partners and their customers.”

Advantage Can Add Value

Advantage has been working with numerous multinational customers who have become overwhelmed with the activities around sourcing, deploying and managing complex global connectivity solutions like SD-WAN, Gardner said. This prompted the need for the European expansion, he said.

“That’s where we add immense value – helping them manage the entire solution lifecycle, starting with design and procurement, while saving them time and money,” he said.

Holmes said there’s a “huge opportunity” in Europe. That includes partnering with traditional telecom advisory firms to other types of partners, such as equipment vendors and system integrators.

“We also bring a unique value to SD-WAN providers, offering them carrier-neutral connectivity underlay options to complement their SD-WAN overlay solutions,” he said.

Advantage has established relationships with more than 200 service providers spanning six continents.

“Adding this type of specialized expertise is a huge competitive advantage,” Ryer said. “We’ll significantly broaden our technology partner chain and we’ll be ever closer in terms of support and local market insight to some major operational landing spots of our multinational partners.”

Advantage understands network needs across multiple industries from a European perspective, Ryer said. Those includes pharmaceutical, manufacturing, engineering, international law firms, retail and digital.

“We understand what are the optimal and most modern network solutions available for the European market,” he said.