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AdvantageSep 5, 2023 5:15:49 PM1 min read

euNetworks Launches 'Private Connect; Dedicated Fiber Solutions

Dedicated and secure private network, offering fibre and equipment to a single customer.

euNetwork’s Private Connect infrastructure solution provides customers with the flexibility to own their own network and to keep the physical access control, while benefiting from euNetworks’ expertise in managing and operating a fibre infrastructure for you. Private Connect delivers dedicated fibre and equipment and a solution tailored specifically for client needs, whether that’s for scale, security, or managing for future bandwidth growth cost effectively. Private Connect addresses the need for disaster recovery, business continuity and Cloud-based services using LAN and SAN technologies. Whether it is a single point-to-point connection, diverse routing or a multi-site ring, Private Connect can connect all of the client’s sites and data centres for the applications that their business needs.

Key features

  • Security– there is no one else sharing your network. It is only you and your data. Private equipment is installed at your chosen sites in your racks.

  • Performance– Layer 1 solution performance, so there are less active components in your network. You get full data transparency, lower latency, high reliability and service availability.

  • Scalability– you determine what capacity you need on day one. As you grow your network grows with you – from 1Gbps to multiple 100Gbps.

  • Bespoke solution – your choice of sites, equipment provider and topology – ring, mesh, any-to-any. You benefit from our equipment vendor partnerships. Optional add-ons are available such as encryption or storage.