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Advantage Feb 1, 2019 12:00:00 AM 1 min read

Nova Soluções Launches SD WAN Service

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- PRLog -- Technological evolution brings you news ways to manage, control and protect day to day data, and all vital information of your business. This being said, Nova Soluções launches yet another great service, allowing the technological growth of it's partners and clients. We are talking about SD-WAN, a modern function with capability of creating private networks, which uses the WAN technology connection, ensuring more safety and data control.

Through this service, all the data management is centralized and controlled via a cloud system, protected by safety protocols, shared only with authorized individuals. This function guarantees privacy while controlling information and can also define data traffic priority, link balancing and glitch detections, with safety and efficiency, all done with simple analysis, improving your business performance overall.

"We are providing an innovative service, designed to create private networks using WAN connection technologies in a smart way, providing safe, optimized and trustworthy access", says Olisnei Nascimento, Nova Soluções' CEO. To him "Nova's starting ahead, keeping track of the tendencies and allowing clients to enjoy the best possibilities in technology and innovation".

Available on the three Nova Soluções' abrangency countries - Brasil, USA and Colombia - this brand new function will bring simpler solutions and practical demands that share the strategies of finding the best results, allowing your business to become a modern and innovative model. With all this innovation, Nova Soluções, together with their partners, will take big steps together to compete and prosper inside the technology market.