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Cloud Services

The Cloud is delivering benefits of business agility, competitive advantage and cost reductions to companies that have moved their workloads.


Public clouds are owned and operated by service providers. Customers benefit from economies of scale because infrastructure costs are spread across all users, thus allowing each individual client to operate on a low-cost, “pay-as-you-go” model. Public cloud infrastructures are typically larger in scale than an in-house enterprise cloud, which provides clients with seamless, on-demand scalability.


Private clouds are those that are built exclusively for an individual enterprise. They allow the firm to host applications in the cloud, while addressing concerns regarding data security and control, which is often lacking in a public cloud environment. There are two variations of private clouds, On-Premise, which is hosted within a company's data center, or External, which is hosted by cloud computing provider


Hybrid clouds combine the advantages of public and private cloud where a company can leverage third-party cloud providers in either a full or partial manner. A hybrid cloud environment is also capable of providing on-demand, externally-provisioned scalability. Augmenting a traditional private cloud with the resources of a public cloud can be used to manage any unexpected surges in workload.

 What type of Cloud is right for your organization?

  • How do you know what workloads to move to the Cloud?

  • When is the right time to move them?

  • Where can you derive the greatest benefit for your business in terms of agility, time to market and competitive edge?

  • Where will you realize the most cost savings? 

  • How might you use Cloud Computing to grow your business?

  • How do you choose the right Cloud Provider?

  • What’s your Cloud strategy?

CloudAdvantage: Our '3 Steps to the Cloud' Approach

Lead by our VP of Cloud Services Ralph Presciutti, the CloudAdvantage team is comprised of former CIO’s from major US corporations who have applied years of first-hand experience to develop a unique framework for migration to the Cloud. We speak your language because we come from your world. We don’t just move workloads to the Cloud. The CloudAdvantage team identifies the business processes best positioned to provide for Business Agility and business growth in the Cloud. That’s how you realize the top line advantages of Cloud Computing.

STEP 1: Cloud Advisory

We utilize a business-focused approach to quickly identify how best to leverage Cloud capabilities, driving revenue growth and creating sustainable competitive advantage. After evaluating your current business objectives and strategy, we determine what should be kept in-house and what workloads will provide the biggest business benefit in moving to the Cloud.  We develop an in-depth business case identifying expected and measurable impact to the business.


STEP 2: Cloud Sourcing

After identifying what to move to the Cloud, our Cloud Sourcing service enables you to leverage our relationships with the top Cloud providers. Together, we’ll find the right provider for your technical and service level requirements, while helping you get the best pricing available.


STEP 3: Cloud Management

Plans are worthless without successful implementation. Advantage provides project management services to ensure your migration stays on track and is completed in a timely manner. And we’re your advocate, working to insure that you realize the targeted benefits and business objectives.



How CloudAdvantage Helped a Medical Services Organization Completely Transform It's Business

  • Moving to the Cloud Enabled Rapid Growth, Cost Reduction & EASE in integratING newLY ACQUIRED locations