Everything You Need to Know About Working with Advantage


Q.        Who is Advantage?

A.         Advantage Communications is a leading broker of global telecommunications services for over 160 different providers representing the full spectrum of voice, data, internet, and cloud services. Founded in 2001, Advantage is based in New York with offices in NJ, PA, MA, and AZ.


Q.        What’s so special about Advantage?

A.         While there are many organizations that are telecom agents, Advantage delivers a unique package of benefits.


  • Our advisory and project management services – including technical, financial, contract negotiation and service assurance – come at no out-of-pocket cost to you or to your clients
  • Our team collectively has over 400 years of experience in the telecom and IT industries
  • We are client-centered/vendor agnostic. After shortlisting the providers that best align with the client’s needs, we get pricing for the services that enable the client’s business and present them in a way that allows easy comparison. The client makes the final selection, and can receive our recommendation if they desire.
  • Our service team provides ongoing support that mitigates the often challenged service experience that telecom providers deliver. We know the escalation points within the carriers’ organizations and can frequently raise and resolve tickets faster than the client can acting directly.
  • Our client portal gives a comprehensive view of all telecom management areas: tickets, locations, orders, inventory, contracts, contacts… even as repository for contracts Advantage didn’t facilitate.
  • 160+ provider relationships worldwide. We act as the primary agent for international telecom, even for other master agents.


Q.        What services can Advantage help us with?

A.         The list is extensive, but it’s helpful to think about every service related to voice, data, internet, conferencing, colocation, managed services and Cloud. 

Our sister company vMOX works with clients to optimize their use of cellular plans for mobile devices. They achieve comparable savings in a risk-free model: no changes are required to a client’s carriers, carrier account representatives, phone numbers, or devices.

Q.        Can’t we do this all on our own?

A.         You could. But keep these issues in mind:

  • Our collective experience isn’t easily to replicate. That level of focused expertise and experience isn’t readily accessible in the market.
  • You could enter into a partnership with one or more providers, but that requires leadership effort and knowledge of the industry that you may just be building.
  • Representing a single carrier doesn’t give your clients access to the best services at the best prices. We cover 160 providers with a range of services to meet every need and create a competitive structure that incents providers to offer the best deals.


Q.        What will recurring revenue do for my business?

A.         At first, just a little. Unlike the traditional commission model with a larger, one-time payment, recurring revenue models payout smaller commission amounts monthly for the duration of the contract. Advantage usually negotiates evergreen commissions, so as long as you sustain the relationship and assist in the client’s renewals, you continue to be paid. Adding new clients, as well as new services to existing clients, your recurring revenue grows into a substantial base that supports all growth initiatives.

Q.        How does this work… and how much work must I do?

A.         The process is straightforward. It’s starts with a recent month’s invoices for the telecom services the client currently uses. Advantage breaks down those invoices into granular components that can be analyzed and compared to pricing from carriers suited to the client’s business need. Advantage assembles pricing from a subset of its provider relationships so that the client can make an informed selection. Advantage negotiates final pricing based on our knowledge of the market and the carrier’s negotiating parameters. We then engage our Service Team to manage the project for the client.