Happy post-Memorial Day Weekend friends, family, clients and business partners! As we celebrate the unofficial start of summer, I wanted to share a few recent stories how we enable our Clients to be successful, and how they show their appreciation to us.

Client 1 is a global supply chain software vendor.  We implemented our Wireless Optimization solution a year ago and to date they have saved $500,000.  This is incredible since they added 200 users and doubled their usage! 

Now they are re-negotiating their contract with AT&T.  So the Wireless Optimization Team offered a “cheat sheet” of terms to ask in the renegotiation based upon our experiences with other clients their size.  This will result in additional savings of over $8-10k more per month, plus gives them a reduction in International rates of 12%. The CIO was so elated, he offered to take the team out for a 5-star steakhouse dinner next time we visit! 

Client 2 is a domestic Big Data Healthcare Provider.  We are saving them close to $1M/year in Wireless optimization. They asked us to evaluate their Voice and Data budgets and recommend cost savings.  The business case that resulted provides $1.2M of cost savings over three years with zero CapEx costs.  In addition this VP renegotiated other vendor contracts to save the company over $2MM, on his own in 2016.

They CFO is so elated with the VP’s performance, he offered a promotion to the CIO with a healthy increase in compensation, roles and responsibilities. The VP attributes much of his success to our advice and guidance.  Plus we help him implement and manage the solutions after go-live to ensure further success and vendor adherence to terms.

Why is working with us so important? We help companies and individuals produce more value than they would otherwise be successful on their own.