Advantage Communications can help your company, large or small, public or private, understand, enhance and upgrade your Cybersecurity capabilities.


Recent laws and Action Plans either signed by the President, or directed to develop and fund in Congress are aimed at bolstering the Federal Governments ability to work with companies to share Cybersecurity threat information, invest in additional infrastructure and resources at the Federal level. Other provisions and bills are aimed at requiring public companies to begin including in quarterly and annual reports, information about the Cybersecurity Policies, Procedures, and reporting capabilities. In healthcare alone, more and more regulations are requiring companies to invest further into their Cybersecurity capabilities as more records and patient data is shared electronically.

Advantage's heritage lies within the issues. We are network and infrastructure subject matter experts. Our Partners have developed leading edge capabilities from Audits, Vulnerability/Penetration and Social Engineering tests, to platforms and tools (both off-the-shelf, as well as Cloud based) which enhance and upgrade Clients capabilities, and help comply with these increase regulations and requirements.

Please consider us as a Partner to help comply with these many challenges.  We can be reached at   We look forward to helping you and your organization in 2016.