Brodynt Global Services, a global Internet Service Provider offering business grade Internet access in 180+ countries and installed service base in all continents and customers all around the globe, recently opened anew office in the heart of downtown London.

This new office is located in the very hub of the City, near the London Bridge. The 17-storey building, inaugurated in 2014, was soon nicknamed as the “News Building”, as it also is the London site for several newspaper and publishing companies, including The Wall Street Journal (UK Edition), The Times, The Sunday Times, and HarperCollins. It was designed by the renowned Italian architect, Renzo Piano.

Brodynt’s managers and staff will be present and available for meetings there on a regular basis. Our aim is to be as close to our international and London-based customers and partners as we possibly can, and we are aware that the City remains a key place for global business.

More details can be found HERE.