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SD-WAN Options

State-of-the-art Connectivity Gives You a Competitive Edge

A decade ago, you had limited choices. But today, businesses have a wealth of network options available for designing flexible networks that strike the right balance between cost and performance. Whether you're connecting your office to the Internet, to a data center or to other corporate locations, designing and right-sizing your network meet your diverse needs is a vital and complex undertaking.

SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) expands bandwidth and delivers intelligent, cost saving networks. Today’s enterprise branch office wide area network is experiencing business and technical demands driven by the proliferation of critical applications, cloud services, and mobile devices. SD-WAN meets these demands by reliably expanding bandwidth, delivering direct access to cloud applications, and enabling seamless services insertion. SD-WAN adds a layer of intelligence providing real-time visibility into — and control over — network and application performance. It also provides a way to break free of traditional network constraints by augmenting bandwidth with widely available, low-cost broadband.



Optimized Spend - Maximizing the use of redundant and lower cost connectivity options reduces the Total Cost of Ownership

Better Use of Bandwidth - Aggregate multiple public Internet and private connections &  dynamically allocate and leverage combined bandwidth

Quick Deployment - Centrally managed ‘plug and play’ architecture with full management capabilities

Enhanced Security - Increased data protection through encrypted WAN traffic, greater traffic visibility and segmented network workloads

Carrier Agnostic - Choose the service type and provider that best fits your needs, based on bandwidth, availability and cost

Visibility & Control - End-to-end visibility of application performance and traffic on each network link for proactive management

Highly Flexible - Works equally well across on-premises network, virtual network, cloud or hybrid architectures

Built-in Redundancy - If an individual link experiences problems, application traffic keeps flowing across the other paths in the SD-WAN



Traditional WAN






  • Use any circuit (new or existing)

  • Use any carrier (new or existing)

  • Use any access method (MPLS, point-to-point, DIA, DSL, Cable, Wireless, etc.)

  • Include any location worldwide

  • Select any management type (Unmanaged, Shared, or Full)

  • Select any monitoring method (Full Monitoring or Shared Monitoring)


  • We work with 60+ local, regional, national and international SD-WAN providers

  • We have experience implementing SD-WAN solutions on a global basis

  • We’ll meet with you, learn about your current network and understand your challenges and your needs

  • We’ll design a business case identifying the optimal solution architecture

  • We will solicit proposals from providers who will best address your needs

  • We will evaluate all proposals and review recommendations with your team

  • We will project manage the implementation across all providers

  • We will provide continual support

Contact Us to Discuss Your Options

With the wide variety of SD-WAN providers and offerings available today, how do you decide? Advantage can help you take the guesswork out of SD-WAN planning, design & procurement. We'll find a solution that controls costs, meets each location's needs, and satisfies performance and end-user expectations.