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Q2 Partner Promotion


PCCW Global has introduced two new promotional sales incentives for two of its hottest cybersecurity offerings – DDoS protection and threat intelligence & management services.  For each offering, PCCW Global is providing 30 points on every deal you make. This is 15 points higher than any other security services vendor is offering for similar services.



Crypteia Threat Intelligence & Management and Anti-DDoS Services

Two of PCCW Global’s most in-demand security services have been upgraded, delivering new and enhanced cybersecurity protection for your customers. MOREAL (the technology platform of its flagship Crypteia Threat Intelligence and Management Service - TIMS) and its Anti-DDoS services (ADD) each have undergone major updates that translate into benefits for your customers. 

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MOREAL/Threat Intelligence & Management Service

The name “MOREAL” is an acronym representing MOnitoring, REporting and ALerting. The latest release of the cloud platform incorporates a number of new customer and market-driven features that offer customers’ Security and IT staffs increased functionality, better visibility & easier operation.

MOREAL provides the intelligence and operational functionality of PCCW Global’s Crypteia Threat Intelligence & Management Service (TIMS) offering. TIMS is not a SIEM solution, but instead is an enhancement to those platforms, and is based on behavioural analytics and machine-learning technologies, meaning that it monitors the customer’s networked environment, learns its “normal” activities, and when something occurs outside of those “norms,” an alert is generated. SIEM tools don’t act this way. They rely on pre-determined threat diagnostic signatures. With Crypteia TIMS from PCCW Global, customers achieve true zero-day threat intelligence alerting and reporting of security issues. Learn more here.


What’s New in PCCW Global’s MOREAL v4.3 Threat Intelligence & Monitoring platform:

  • Improved Alerts Overview
  • Integration to Radware WAF technology
  • Integration to Cisco email security technology
  • Enhanced Cisco ASA support

MANAGED Anti-DDoS Services

This service is designed to protect against Internet pipe saturation caused by volumetric cyberattacks. It is cloud-based (requiring no on-site appliance) and recommended for firms that are looking for the lowest-cost solution, and are less sensitive to application-level DDoS attacks. This solution is a “manual” redirect of IP traffic determined by both the customer and the PCCW Global SOC team to the nearest scrubbing center globally for analysis and clearance, then re-directed back to the customer’s network, and received as normal traffic.

PCCW recently announced the addition of new global “scrubbing centers” with two Asian partners, Alibaba and IPDC. For effective DDoS protection, scrubbing centers are critical components of a DDoS protection service, as they are the re-direct locations that “scrub out” bad IP (Internet traffic) from good IP traffic targeting customers’ sites. Having centers located in regions closer to customer locations reduces latency to and from IP source and targets,


What’s New in PCCW Global’s Crypteia Anti-DDoS Services around the world:

  • New scrubbing centers in Singapore, Frankfurt and Ashburn (VA)
  • Service in Asia (including China) and Europe and North America
  • 300% increase in IP traffic mitigation within Asia (from 200G to 800G)
  • Extended service from Asia to North America


For more information on this promotion and these service offerings, please contact Jesse Bernstein-Ansaldi at