Masergy Corporate Overview

Masergy owns and operates the largest independent global cloud networking platform for enterprises. Our managed solutions with fully integrated real-time analytics, global unified communications as a service (UCaaS), cloud-based security and software defined network control give businesses the competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Masergy's innovative technology, customizable solutions and unmatched customer experience are why a growing number of global enterprises rely on us to deliver performance beyond expectations.

Managed Cloud Networking

  • Next generation global platform with unlimited virtual environments
  • Global on-demand software defined network control from any device
  • Fully managed 24/7 with proactive notifications

Real-time Analytics

  • Patented cloud-based tools with unique visibility and predictive capabilities
  • Granular analytics for network traffic and application bottlenecks
  • Cloud-based monitoring for critical infrastructure

Security as a Service

  • Patented, next-generation fully-integrated managed security
  • Professional services for comprehensive security tesing and risk management
  • Fully-managed 24/7 by certified security professionals

Global UCaaS

  • Advanced unified communications with hybrid delivery options
  • Consistent user experience on any device
  • Resilient global platform with service guarantees