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In my past life, I’ve spent many years in the Predictive Analytics marketplace. I’m a big fan of the technology, having seen firsthand how it’s helped my clients reduce risk, save money, and increase revenue by more efficiently predicting behavior and targeted outcomes.

Now with the advancement of Cybersecurity tools/platforms, the available use of “Big Data” from other host systems within an Enterprise combined with human intelligence, Predictive Analytics has made its way into mainstream Cybersecurity Service offerings.

Situational Analysis:

When protecting data, networks, and devices, every IT organization is faced with the same set of challenges: Understanding the nature of the threat, implementing and managing a security infrastructure capable of protecting against these threats, and managing the budget and resources necessary to keep the network security system operating seamlessly.   

This is costly process. Today’s model of purchasing and deploying a point product to address each security or regulatory requirement is simply not effective anymore. 1

A Solution:

One of our Strategic Partners, Masergy, has mastered the art of combining traditional Cybersecurity tools, predictive analytics and human intelligence.

Masergy’s Unified Enterprise Security™ (UES) is the industry’s first fully integrated, network behavior analysis and correlation-based security platform. It is the premier threat management system on the market today because it is the only unified offering that combines the unique integration properties of a security architecture with the adaptive and predictive data sharing, tracking and analysis capabilities of a network behavior analysis and correlation engine. 2 

At the heart of the UES solution is an adaptive, predictive behavior analysis and correlation engine called the Behavioral Correlation Module™ (BCM). The BCM is designed to capture, retain, and analyze packet-level periods of time and automatically sends out alerts for deviations from normal behavior. This network behavior analysis engine also guards against threats from within, providing alerts for resource violations, abuse of privileges and misuse of corporate assets.  It has the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information, while providing a holistic view of all the data points collected from various devices and sensors.

Their expert security analysts in the Security Operations Center (SOC) proactively monitor your network for security incidents, conduct detailed research surrounding the event, notifying you and your team, and when possible block the traffic at your firewalls. Masergy security analysts keep you informed as updates and resolutions are available, working as an extension of your IT security team.


Leveraging Predictive Analytics intelligence, advanced Cybersecurity tools, “Big Data” and human intervention makes the art of Cybersecurity protection from Masergy much more efficient. 


1 Frost and Sullivan: An Advanced and Integrated Approach to Managed Enterprise Network Security


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